Results Driven Accountability Data and Reports

The Results Driven Accountability (RDA) data is reported at district, region, and state levels on the performance of school districts and charter schools in selected program areas (bilingual education/English as a second language/English learners, other special populations inclusive of students in foster care, students who are homeless, students who are military connected, and special education). Data is provided as downloadable data files. The Accountability Manual RDA Chapter 12听is a comprehensive technical resource designed to explain RDA calculation methodology and outputs for resulting LEA reports.

Retrieve a RDA听district report either by district name or by county-district number.

Downloadable date files are intended for use by technical users. These files provide the data values reported on the RDA听district reports.听

Retrieve a RDA听region report and the corresponding RDA听Region Report Explanation document.

Retrieve an annual RDA听state report and the corresponding RDA听State Report Explanation document.

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For questions regarding the Accountability Manual RDA Chapter 12, pertinent policies, technical processing, calculations, or reports,
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